Karin Karlström new CEO of Polhem Infra

4 May 2022

The Board of Polhem Infra has appointed Karin Karlström as new CEO of the company. Karin has been acting CEO since November 2021 and will take up the role of CEO on the 4 of May. Polhem Infra is owned by the First, Third and Fourth Swedish National Pension Funds and invests in unlisted Swedish companies focusing on essential infrastructure.

Karin Karlström has been acting CEO of Polhem Infra for the past six months and previous to that worked broadly as an independent consultant in combination with several board assignments. Karin has extensive experience in transactions and investments, primarily within the tech and telecom sectors. She has a background in investment banking at Carnegie as well as responsible for acquisitions and strategic investments at Telia. Karin was a board member of Polhem Infra during the period February to November 2021.

Source: AP1
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