LSR’s new external auditor for the next four years: Grant Thornton

18 December 2023

The company Grant Thornton reikto ehf. will take care of the external audit for the LSR in the years 2023-2026 after the appointment of the Auditor General.

The State Auditor is responsible for the audit of LSR according to law no. 1/1997 on the State Employees’ Pension Fund. The National Audit Office previously had a partnership agreement with Ernst & Young, who has handled audits for the fund in recent years, but following the merger of Ernst & Young and Deloitte was awarded the project by the Auditor General in accordance with its outsourcing authority. Subsequently, he nominated Grant Thornton audit ehf. to handle the review of LSR’s annual accounts for the years 2023 – 2026.

At Grant Thornton audit ehf. employs a number of experienced accountants and experts, who include have been audited by pension funds, financial companies and local authorities.

Davíð Arnar Einarsson, certified public accountant, will lead the project. He will be joined in the core team by Sturla Jónsson, chartered accountant, who together with Davíð will sign LSR’s annual accounts, and Bjarni Már Jóhannesson, chartered accountant, as well as other staff involved in the project.

Source: LSR
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