Norges Bank recommends opening up for investments in unlisted equities

29 November 2023

Norges Bank’s Executive Board has submitted its recommendation to the Ministry of Finance to permit the Government Pension Fund Global to invest in unlisted equities.

“It is our assessment that permitting investments in unlisted equities would be a natural evolution of the investment strategy. An increasingly larger share of global value creation takes place in the unlisted market. We believe that such an opening could give higher returns for the fund over time. We think it will be possible to invest in unlisted equities in a way that meet our expectations on transparency and responsibility”, says Ida Wolden Bache, Chair of Norges Bank’s Executive Board.

The fund will approach investment opportunities and build competence gradually, should the Ministry of Finance permit the fund to invest in unlisted equities. We have good experience with a gradual approach from the fund’s other unlisted investments.

Source: Norges Bank Investment Management
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