Norway Government Pension Fund: Strong returns in the first half of the year

19 August 2021

In the first half of 2021, the Government Pension Fund Global returned 9.4 percent, equivalent to 990 billion kroner.

The return on the fund’s equity investments was 13.7 percent, the return on the fixed income investments was -2.0 percent, whereas investments in unlisted real estate returned 4.6 percent. The return on unlisted renewable energy infrastructure was -1.9 percent.

The fund’s return was 28 basis points higher than the return on the benchmark index.

“The equity investments had the most positive contribution to the return in the first half of the year, and especially the investments within the sectors of energy and finance. The investments in energy companies returned 19.5 percent”, says CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management Nicolai Tangen.

Source: Norges
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