Öhman new main owner in Lannebo Fonder – creates the largest independent fund operator in the Nordics

21 November 2023

When Öhman becomes the new main owner of Lannebo Fonder, the result will be the Nordic region’s largest independent fund operator and an even sharper offer to customers. “The companies are a perfect fit for each other,” sums up Johan Malm, CEO of Öhman, and Johan Lannebo, founder of Lannebo Fonder.

The deal means that the Öhman Group will become the new main owner of Lannebo Fonder. After approval from the relevant authorities, the process of coordinating the activities begins.

Öhman was founded in 1906 and is a Swedish family-owned and independent business group with mainly three legs, main ownership in Nordnet, owner of Öhman Fonder and manager of a long-term investment portfolio.

With the Öhman Group as the new main owner in combination with Lannebo’s founder and current employees continuing to be part owners, long-term sustainability is ensured with a focus on both customers and employees.

Johan Malm, CEO of Öhman and Johan Lannebo, co-founder and chairman of the board at Lannebo Fonder. Tell me more, what does this deal actually mean for the customers of Öhman Fonder and Lannebo Fonder respectively?

Johan Malm:

This is very positive for customers. Thanks to the deal, customers of both companies can look forward to getting more and better products for their savings. We assess that the combined management expertise will be among the best that the market has to offer. Our ability to attract the best competence in management in the future is further strengthened, which is good for our customers in the long term.

Johan Lannebo:

Customers at both Lannebo and Öhman will have access to more and better products for their savings. Together, we can further improve our sustainability and ownership governance work, where I think that both companies have strengths in different areas that complement each other. We are convinced that this deal, everything else being equal, means that our customers will get a stronger offer and that we will become a more attractive alternative for our partners.

You describe the deal as a “perfect match” . How do the companies fit together?

Johan Lannebo:

The companies complement each other perfectly and we now get an even better mix of products. For our partners, we become a more relevant actor and get greater opportunities to further improve our service to both customers and partners. For employees at both companies, it will be an improvement – that we are stronger together benefits everyone.

Johan Malm:

We have long looked at each other with mutual respect and admiration. Historically, we have been good at slightly different things and have probably been a little jealous of each other at times. The fact that we are now creating a large independent player as an alternative to the dominant fund companies and international giants is important for the Swedish capital market. Together, we have very good conditions to grow with a unique offer to customers in terms of both products and service.

Doesn’t the deal help reduce competition? Now an independent player disappears from the market?

Johan Lannebo:

I think, on the contrary, that we ensure increased competition in the market. As Johan says, a few domestic fund companies and international, faceless institutions dominate today. The fact that we are now clearly becoming the largest independent player on the market means that we are a clearer alternative to these dominants on the market.

What does ownership look like in the new company ?

Johan Malm:

Öhman becomes the main owner and Lannebo’s founders all become partners. This also applies to the employees who are co-owners in Lannebo and the same for the employees who are currently co-owners in Öhman Fonder.

What have your ways of thinking looked like regarding working methods, culture and values?

Johan Malm:

It has been important to all of us that we retain and develop the strong culture of the two companies. There is a large consensus on how a successful fund business should be built and how important the company culture and all our talented employees are for us to be successful in the long term.

Johan Lannebo:

I recognize myself in Öhman, both companies are characterized by an entrepreneurial culture and proximity to customers. The strong focus on sustainability and active ownership management are further examples of values ​​that we share. I am really looking forward to being involved in developing the new business.

Finally, what happens next ?

Johan Malm:

Right now we are awaiting approval from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Swedish Competition Authority. It is expected to take up to three months and until then business will continue as usual. After that, the process of coordinating the companies begins. We have a clear goal – together we will create the strongest, independent fund operator in the Nordics with the very best customer offer.

Source: Öhman
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