P+ divested 53 oil companies and 19 utilities in 2021

4 May 2022

P+ publishes: “In 2021, we divested 53 oil companies and 19 utilities. Read more about the background for the divestment and about the companies we chose to keep in the report on responsible investments.

If the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping the average global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees is to be achieved, fossil fuels are key players. But the vast majority of oil companies still need to set ambitious green goals and bring them to fruition.

It took the P + consequence of last year and divested investments in 53 oil companies to a total value of DKK 948 million. More and more oil companies promise green conversion, announce reduction targets and present plans to invest in renewable energy. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, our review shows that the green ambitions are often not ambitious enough, ”says Kirstine Lund Christiansen, Deputy Director and Head of Responsible Investment at P +.”

Source: P+
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