P+ | Investment must support the green transition in Brazil

5 September 2022

P+ is a co-investor in the Brazilian energy company Origo Energia, which supplies renewable energy to more than 50,000 consumers.

Via the Danish SDG Investment Fund, P+ is a co-investor in an investment of 85 million US dollars in the Brazilian energy company Origo Energia. The investment is the fund’s largest single investment and has come about as a collaboration between the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) and the fund manager Augment Infrastructure.

Origo Energia supplies power to more than 50,000 consumers and small businesses via a number of smaller solar installations, which are typically located outside large urban areas. In this way, the company contributes to expanding access to renewable energy and increases security of supply.

The investment will contribute to the continued development of Origo Energia, increase the production and sales of renewable energy and support the green transition in Brazil.

“With the investment, Origo Energia can speed up the construction of new solar parks and expand its service to new areas in the country, which will contribute to democratizing access to solar energy. At the same time, the company is competitive compared to the fossil energy companies, and we therefore expect both that the investment will contribute positively to the sustainable development in Brazil and to the members’ pension savings,” says head of alternative investments in P+, Anders Christian Schelde.

About Danish SDG Investment Fund

Danish SDG Investment Fundwas established in 2018 to promote the UN’s Global Goals by offering venture capital for commercial sustainable projects in developing countries and emerging markets. The Danish SDG Investment Fund is a public-private collaboration with funds from the Danish state, the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) and a number of private investors and pension companies, including P+.

Source: P+
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