P + sets a new standard for working with responsible investments

6 November 2020

CO2-neutral portfolio, stricter rules for divestments and increased transparency about our investments. As a member of P +, you contribute even more actively to the green transition.

Active difference

With a total saving of 135 billion, P + today has a size where we can make an active difference. The board has therefore chosen to set an ambitious direction for the next many years of work. This is what the chairman of the board of P +, Anders Eldrup, says:

“P + is a member-owned pension fund with 100,000 members. With increasing strength, our members, i.a. at the annual general meetings, stated that they want the pension fund to play a more active role in the green transition. We have therefore set ourselves an ambitious goal that all investments in our portfolio must be CO2-neutral by 2050. At the same time, we expect to launch a green investment pool in 2021, just as we have chosen to join the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, which is the leading alliance for climate-responsible investors. Together, this will contribute to a significantly clearer green and responsible direction for the pension fund in the future. ”

Source: P+
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