Paris Agreement included in code of ethics: Lærernes Pension excludes 42 companies

17 December 2020

Lærernes Pension excludes 42 companies in oil, gas and energy production as a consequence of the fact that the Paris Agreement is now included in the code of ethics.

The Board of Directors of Lærernes Pension sends 42 companies within oil, gas and energy production outside the door into the company’s investment universe as a result of an update of the code of ethics.

Sustainable direction

“With our update of the code, we have moved in a more sustainable direction. We already have many green investments, but we must also state that we can do more, and that it is important for our members that we invest responsibly, and we must of course deliver on that, ”says Karsten Kjeldsen, CEO of Lærernes Pension .

Source: Lærernes Pension
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