PensionDanmark announces Peter Stensgaard Mørch as future CEO

16 May 2023

Peter Stensgaard Mørch, current permanent secretary at the Danish Ministry of Finance, will join the directorate of PensionDanmark on August 15th to take over as CEO in a year. CIO Claus Stampe will be appointed CEO when Torben Möger Pedersen steps down on October 1st.

A chief executive with unique insights into the Danish economy, society and labour mar-ket will lead Denmark’s largest labour-market pension fund in the future.

PensionDanmark’s board has appointed Peter Stensgaard Mørch and he will join the company directorate on August 15. Peter Stensgaard Mørch has been the permanent secretary at the Danish Ministry of Finance since 2019 and previously held other execu-tive positions in the Danish public sector as CEO of the finance department of the City of Copenhagen and permanent secretary at the Danish Ministry of Employment.

”We are delighted to announce Peter Stensgaard Mørch as the future front figure of Pen-sionDanmark. He will bring unique experience from the management of significant public institutions across economy, finance, labour market and welfare. Peter Stensgaard Mørch is a capacity on both a professional, leadership and human level. He is dedicated to make a difference and he has a special ability to succeed. A perfect match to an inno-vative and ambitious societal provider of welfare services like PensionDanmark,” says Lars Sandahl Sørensen, Chairman of PensionDanmark’s board and CEO at Confederation of Danish Industries (DI).

Peter Stensgaard Mørch will join PensionDanmark as Deputy CEO. In the first year, he will focus on the daily operation model at PensionDanmark by among other things enter-ing central internal committees. This will be supplemented with intensive training in are-as that are important to PensionDenmark’s business model. Both focuses in concordance with the fit and proper legislation. When Torben Möger Pedersen as previously an-nounced will step down on October 1st, CIO Claus Stampe will step in as CEO.

”We have found exactly the right way giving Peter Stensgaard Mørch the time to get a wide insight into PensionDanmark while the operation is in the safe hands of Claus Stampe and the rest of the management team. Claus Stampe has 20 years of experi-ence from the management team and has been in the financial sector since before the inception of PensionDanmark,” says Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

Deputy Chairman Henning Overgaard, Trade Union President at United Federation of Danish Workers (3F), is looking forward to the cooperation with the new directorate.

”I am very pleased that Peter Stensgaard Mørch and Claus Stampe has accepted to be part of the very best solution for PensionDanmark. Following a thorough and good re-cruitment process, I am confident that Peter Stensgaard Mørch is the right person to create long-term value and new, solid solutions for the large group of wage earners that are members of PensionDanmark,” says Henning Overgaard.

Peter Stensgaard Mørch is excited about his future role.

”PensionDanmark is an institution in the Danish pension sector standing on a solid foun-dation of innovation, sustainability, efficiency and partnerships. I am excited to get new insights and a new challenge, and I will look forward to use my experience from the public sector in a company with such a wide interaction with society,” says Peter Stensgaard Mørch.

CIO Claus Stampe is also looking forward to the cooperation.

”I am very happy to make my contribution to the right long-term solution on the CEO position. PensionDanmark is a fantastic company and I am looking forward to working with Peter Stensgaard Mørch and the rest of the organisation to maintain and expand our many positions of strength to keep providing the best pension product of the industry to our many members,” says Claus Stampe.

Facts – The future management of PensionDanmark

• Peter Stensgaard Mørch will join the directorate of PensionDanmark on August 15th 2023 as Deputy CEO.
• He will embark on an intense procedure in preparation to take over as CEO in a year.
• Torben Möger Pedersen will step down as CEO of PensionDanmark on October 1st 2023 and CIO Claus Stampe will step in as CEO.

Fakta – Peter Stensgaard Mørch

• Peter Stensgaard Mørch was born in 1975 and graduated as MSc in Political Science from Aarhus University in 2003.
• Up until 2007, he worked as Head of Section, Special Advisor and Senior Ad-visor at The Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior and Health and the Ministry of the Environment of Denmark.
• 2007-2009: Head of Division at the Ministry for Health and Prevention.
• 2009-2010: Head of Division at the Ministry of Finance.
• 2010-2013: Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Employment.
• 2013-2016: Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Employment.
• 2016-2019: CEO, finance department, City of Copenhagen.
• 2019-2023: Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance.
• Peter Stensgaard Mørch is married to Britt Bergstedt, Head of Citizen Service Center in the Social Department, City of Copenhagen, has three children and resides in Amager.

Source: PensionDanmark
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