PFA will reduce carbon emissions by 29 per cent by 2025

1 October 2021

Denmark’s largest pension company, PFA, is now escalating its green ambitions, and by the end of 2025, it will have reduced its carbon footprint by 29 per cent relative to 2019. This way, PFA will increase its already ambitious climate efforts, which include the launch of a special climate pension last year and the divestment of a large number of energy companies and fossil credit bonds.

The carbon footprint of Denmark’s largest pension company will be significantly reduced in coming years. This will take place as part of PFA’s membership of the UN-supported initiative Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, where 40 of the world’s biggest investors support the Paris Agreement and have agreed to set significant carbon reduction targets for every five years leading up to 2050.

Allan Polack, Group CEO at PFA

“This green transition must be accelerated. Unfortunately, the climate report from the UN’s climate panel underlined that carbon emissions must be reduced drastically. We are now choosing to set a new intermediate goal which will set a clear direction for how we invest the funds of our numerous pension customers,” says Allan Polack, Group CEO at PFA.

PFA will reduce carbon emissions from its listed shares, properties and credit bonds, starting from 2019.

“At PFA we believe that a long-term return and a low carbon footprint will increasingly be correlated going forward. PFA supports the Paris Agreement’s goals of limiting carbon emissions, and it is our assessment that the green transition will lead to some interesting investment opportunities, allowing us to generate solid returns for our customers while reducing the climate impact from our total investments,” says Allan Polack.

Source: PFA
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