Sampension: High satisfaction with Sampension’s responsible investments

15 April 2024

Sampension publishes on its website:

Focus on human rights, alternative forms of energy and compliance with international agreements have a high priority among the customers of Sampension. This is shown by a new study carried out by Epinion.

In recent years, climate, sustainability and responsibility have become a central part of how Sampension invests its customers’ pensions. It is also called ESG and stands for environmental, social and governance – and can be translated to climate and environment, social conditions and good corporate governance.

A survey by Epinion among 1,047 customers in Sampension shows that 87% are very satisfied or satisfied with the responsible investment policy on which Sampension bases its investments.

The survey also shows that the majority of customers have investigated or have an expectation that Sampension invests their pension money in the same way as they themselves want to invest. It is an important parameter for Sampension as a customer-owned company.

“It is very positive that there is satisfaction with how we invest the money that customers pay us each month – and not least an attitude that responsible investments are important,” says Jacob Ehlerth Jørgensen, ESG manager in Joint pension.

Human rights, corruption and alternative forms of energy

The work with responsible investments is also about social conditions and good corporate governance in the companies in which Sampension invests.

And that is precisely what is important to the customers of Sampension. The survey from Epinion shows that areas such as fighting corruption, human rights and compliance with international agreements have a high priority for customers. In fact, over 80% believe that these are the most important areas of responsibility.

“The public debate is largely characterized by climate, which is certainly also a major focus area for us. But as the customers also express, for example worker and human rights are highly valued in our approach to responsible investments,” says Jacob Ehlerth Jørgensen.

Source: Sampension
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