Satisfactory return to the PKA community despite large fluctuations in the investment markets

18 January 2021

PKA’s 335,000 members can look back on a 2020 in which they again managed to create a satisfactory return across the pension fund’s investments. This is despite the large fluctuations in the markets that COVID-19 brought with it.

2020 was historic in many ways. This also applies to the financial markets, where the year offered both major ups and downs.

When COVID-19 really hit both Denmark and the rest of the world, the stock markets fell more than 30% in a short time, but significant fiscal and monetary policy easing helped to turn the tide again, and the stock markets ended the year in a nice plus.

In PKA, overall, it succeeded in creating a positive return of 5.3% in 2020 across all pension fund investments. In kroner and øre, this corresponds to DKK 14.4 billion. kr.

Source: PKA
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