Steen Michael Erichsen resigns from his position as CEO of Velliv

2 May 2023

By mutual agreement with the board of Velliv Pension & Livsforsikring A/S, Steen Michael Erichsen resigns from his position as CEO. The agreement has been concluded as the board is of the opinion that Steen Michael Erichsen has made a disposition in relation to his private savings which is not compatible with the position.

Chairman of the board Anne Broeng states in this connection:

It is with regret that we have to say goodbye to Steen Michael Erichsen. In his 15 years as CEO, Steen Michael has helped drive colossal development. Velliv has thus been named pension company of the year four times in five years – i.a. by virtue of high growth, low costs and good long-term returns.

We acknowledge the great effort and wish Steen Michael Erichsen the best in the future.

CCO Morten Møller is acting in the position until a new CEO is in place.

Source: Velliv
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