Sydbank and Topdanmark end long-term cooperation

5 November 2020

Sydbank and Topdanmark have had a well-functioning collaboration for more than 25 years, but the collaboration now ends as a result of Sydbank’s strategic acquisition of Alm. Brand Bank. Topdanmark and Sydbank have just entered into an agreement on the conditions for terminating the collaboration.

Sydbank and Topdanmark have long-standing relationships that stretch back more than 25 years, and originally began as a collaboration within Life and Pension. The companies later expanded the collaboration to also include a broad referral collaboration on non-life insurance, where Sydbank has referred both private bank customers and agricultural and business customers to Topdanmark. But even though both parties have been satisfied with the collaboration, the referral agreement is now being terminated due to Sydbank’s recent acquisition of Alm. Brand Bank, where Sydbank will in future refer its customers to Alm. Brand Insurance.

Source: Topdanmark
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