The Sampension community is investing DKK 125 million DKK in the EU’s new bonds with a social purpose.

11 November 2020

With an investment of DKK 125 million. In the EU’s SURE bonds, Sampension, Arkitekternes Pensionskasse, Pensionskassen for Jordbrugsakademikere & Dyrlæger and ISP Pension help to support efforts to protect jobs in a number of EU member states that are threatened during the Covid-19 crisis.

The money from the sale of the bonds can be applied for by the member countries as a loan at a low interest rate. There are very precise requirements for how the member states should spend the money. For example, it can help short-term employees and the self-employed against the risk of unemployment and loss of income.

This is a new type of social bond from the EU. Thus, it is an atypical investment in the sense that the Sampension community usually invests in government bonds, but also in bonds with a green element from, among others, the European Investment Bank and the Nordic Investment Bank.

Source: Sampension
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