Varma has promoted sustainability in its hedge fund investments

1 November 2021

Varma has promoted sustainability in hedge funds. Thanks to Varma’s engagement efforts, approximately 95 per cent of Varma’s hedge fund investments have responsible investment policies in place, and a climate risk assessment is being conducted on them. In addition, in 2021 Varma made significant new fund commitments in renewable energy and in funds focussing on the energy transition.

Varma is participating in the CDP campaign that encourages companies to set science-based targets for emissions reduction, i.e. to operate in accordance with the Science Based Targets (SBT) framework. The CDP is an international non-profit organisation that collects emissions data and other climate-related data from companies.

At the end of September, 571,000 (543,000 on 1 Jan) employees and entrepreneurs, as well as 347,000 (347,000 on 1 Jan) pensioners were insured by Varma.

Source: Varma
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