Velliv gets SBTi climate targets approved

22 January 2024

Velliv has been approved for our SBTi objectives to contribute to reducing global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees in 2030 in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

The SBTi collaboration helps create measurability in the green transition, which is otherwise difficult. It is absolutely crucial for us to support our customers’ environmental goals in the best possible way. With the approval, our customers can have confidence that our environmental goals rest on a foundation of recognized standards and valid research.

Velliv’s ambitious climate goals are expressed in the operation of Velliv, through active ownership in our portfolio companies and in the cooperation with suppliers, where we engage in dialogue about e.g. to set targets and transition plans for CO2 reduction in line with the Paris Agreement.

Velliv joined SBTi in 2022 as part of our climate strategy. With the commitment came an intensive preparation and approval process, which has been an educational journey of development for us. We are therefore very proud to get through the eye of the needle, and we look forward to the continued work for a better climate together with our customers and business partners.

Vellis SBTi goals

  • 100% reduction of CO2e emissions in scope 1 and 2 compared to 2019. This applies to direct emissions from Velliv’s own operations and indirect emissions from Velliv’s purchases of electricity and heat.
  • Velliv’s electricity and heat purchases must consist of 100% renewable energy in 2030 compared to 40% in 2019.
  • 72% of Velliv’s significant suppliers must have approved SBTi targets by 2028 at the latest.
  • CO2e emissions from Velliv’s residential and commercial property investments must be reduced by 59.2% and 73.4% per square meters in 2030 compared to 2019.
  • Of Velliv’s total investments in listed shares and corporate bonds, respectively 57.3% and 51.3% be invested in companies that have received approved SBTi targets no later than 2028 compared to 2022.
Source: Velliv
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