Velliv invests in Danish fintech

17 May 2022

Velliv has joined forces with, among others, Vækstfonden and Finansforbundet to raise DKK 225 million. DKK into Upfin, which is a Danish venture fund with a focus on investments in the Danish fintech environment.

“Over the years, the Danish fintech community has been the cradle of many exciting start-ups. It will be really good to invest in the next generation of growth rockets, and we have a clear expectation that it will contribute solid returns to customers. Curiosity and the desire to continuously strengthen the customer journey is in direct line with the way we work at Velliv. Therefore, we see great opportunities and synergies in working closely with Danish fintech, which with an innovative approach creates lasting solutions for the benefit of customers through new and untraditional methods, ” explains Christoph Junge who is head of alternative investments at Velliv.

Source: Velliv
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