Veritas devised a climate roadmap for investments

23 December 2021

Veritas Pension Insurance is pursuing a carbon neutral investment portfolio by the year 2035. As regards real estate investments, the objective is to attain carbon neutrality as soon as in 2030. Veritas’ new climate roadmap for investors determines actions and milestones geared towards attaining its climate targets.

”In 2020, we updated the climate targets of our investment portfolio. Now we are rendering our climate targets increasingly tangible and publishing a climate roadmap for investors to complement the climate policy of investments”, says Kari Vatanen, Chief Investment Officer at Veritas.

Veritas started off its climate roadmap by defining interim milestones for all listed equity investments and direct real estate investments, because these are the asset categories for which measurable data is currently best available. Going forward, the climate roadmap is due to expand to also encompass other asset categories

”Sustainability work entails persistent efforts, progressing one step at a time. The roadmap we have now published is the very first of its kind, and is not yet perfect. Once the comprehensiveness of data improves, we aim to expand the climate roadmap to encompass several asset categories in the future – this means that this document will be evolving over time”, says Eveliina Leino, Sustainability Manager at Veritas.

Source: Veritas
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