Well underway with increased accountability in P +

20 January 2021

P+ publishes: “Much has happened since the announcement of new standards for responsible investment in P +. Here you get a status of what has happened since the last time and what is planned for the future in the area.

In the autumn of 2020, the Board of Directors announced a number of new guidelines for climate and responsibility on the basis of the general meeting. Several go further than the member proposals and the first decisions have already been executed.

P + has set a goal that all investments in our portfolio must be CO2-neutral by 2050. Therefore, we have joined the leading alliance for climate-responsible investors, the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance. This means that we have committed ourselves to presenting action plans and sub-goals every five years, which we will report on an ongoing basis.

P + will also in future set a target for how large a share of the portfolio is to be invested in climate solutions and the green transition. At the same time, the plan is for us to launch an investment pool with a reduced CO2 footprint during 2021.”

Source: P+
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