Brunel announces Emerging Markets search

9 January 2019

Brunel publishes on its website:

“Following the notification of its Emerging Markets pre-search and registration in November 2018, Brunel Pension Partnership (Brunel) is pleased to announce that the search is now active. Those that have pre-registered will be automatically sent the search documents, including the submission template. Managers who have not yet registered or have not received the documents from us should contact us as soon as possible as described below. The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest is 25th January 2019.

“We are keen to receive tenders from fund managers which are innovative in their thinking, and with clear, consistent approaches that can be applied widely across the emerging markets specialism,” says Mark Mansley, Chief Investment Officer at Brunel Pension Partnership.

“We’re looking for managers able to meet our 2-3% performance target. Managers will be afforded considerable flexibility, including the ability to invest outside the benchmark, in frontier markets, smaller companies, and developed market companies with significant emerging market exposure, but they should be able to cover the core emerging markets to start with.”

So far Brunel has received pre-registration from more than 100 fund managers. Brunel has also received a range of interesting strategic research and thought pieces on investing in emerging market equities. The portfolio size will be approximately £1.1bn and is expected to consist of three to four individual mandates of £200-£500m.”

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