Brunel appoints Low Volatility Global Equity managers

26 March 2019

Brunel Pension Partnership publishes on its website:

“Brunel Pension Partnership (Brunel) has completed its Low Volatility manager selection process and has appointed two managers: Quoniam and Robeco. The Low Volatility Global Equities portfolio is initially worth £400 million, with an expectation this could increase to at least £600 million.

Previously, Brunel announced the appointment of FundRock Management Company to operate its Authorised Contractual Scheme (ACS). Under this agreement, FundRock will be responsible for meeting regulatory requirements and risk management within the ACS, with Brunel responsible for overall investment management, which we then delegate to the selected managers. “Low Volatility Global Equity is the second of our first sub-funds launched within the ACS,” Mansley explains. “This sub-fund will aim to outperform global equity markets over the long term but with lower short-term volatility.”

Brunel were supported throughout the search by Redington Investment Consultancy”

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