Brunel invites expressions of interest from exceptional Global Small Cap managers – Brunel Pension Partnership

5 September 2019

Brunel Pension Partnership publishes on its website:

“Following the start of its Global Small Cap pre-search and registration process in July, Brunel Pension Partnership Limited (Brunel) has launched its call for expressions of interest. The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest, using the briefing document and submission template, is 11am GMT on Friday 20 September 2019.

“The Small Cap phenomenon offers a well observed opportunity, which we expect our Clients to benefit from with this sub-fund,” says David Cox, Brunel’s Head of Listed Markets. “A long-term approach can translate into impressive returns. In keeping with our overall outlook, individual mandates in this sub-fund will be long-term only.”

Brunel expects to spread the portfolio between two or three managers with diverse and complementary approaches. “We will be looking for a global approach, with compelling small cap investment capability and strong evidence of ESG integration. Both fundamental and quantitative managers will be considered for this portfolio. We will not consider regionally focused mandates.”

Small Cap equities refer to shares in publicly listed companies which are defined as ‘smaller’ by market capitalisation, when compared to the total investable universe of stocks. Accordingly, the benchmark for this portfolio is the MSCI Small Cap World index. We are comfortable with a small off-benchmark allocation to emerging markets or micro-caps (i.e. up to 30% of the portfolio).

The Global Small Cap portfolio is expected to deliver long term outperformance with manageable levels of risk. The portfolio size will be approximately £365m, to be allocated between the selected managers. The sub-fund will be delivered through the ACS platform Brunel has developed in conjunction with FundRock.

The formal launch is scheduled for Q2 2020.”

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