Brunel invites input from managers with expertise in Diversified Growth Funds

3 April 2019

Brunel publishes on its website:

“Brunel Pension Partnership (Brunel) today announces the start of its process to launch its Diversified Growth (DGF) product, which is beginning with an extended market research process.

Diversified Growth Funds have received mixed press as of late. Due to this, while Brunel’s clients remain interested in products which offer reasonable returns with some diversification and less risk than equities, the established DGF is just one possible option that Brunel will be considering. For example, there may be scope to build our own solution from a range of liquid alternative funds, such as risk premia funds, diversified factor funds, option-based products, or insurance-based funds.

Brunel would like to receive strategic research and thought-pieces, summary proposals, or fund/strategy presentations from interested managers. Submissions should be concise and clear to enable the rapid identification of notable differentiators. Key investment metrics should be provided (e.g., total return and risk, drawdown experience, bond and equity correlation / beta, downside capture, indicative costs).

Selected managers in preferred areas will be invited to a more formal tender in early summer 2019.”

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