Brunel Pension Partnership seeks managers for £1.2bn Sterling Corporate Bond fund

24 July 2020

Brunel Pension Partnership publishes on its website:

“Brunel Pension Partnership Limited (Brunel) has launched a search for managers for its c.£1.2 billion Sterling Corporate Bond sub-fund.

The portfolio will invest primarily in sterling-denominated bonds, as defined by inclusion in our benchmark, the iBoxx Sterling Non-Gilt All-Maturities Bond index. The intention is to gain exposure to sterling bond markets and the credit risk premium, with additional returns from manager skill. We look forward to seeing how managers align their submissions with Brunel’s Climate Change Policy.

Brunel will consider both active and buy-and-maintain approaches and individual managers may submit up to two tenders as appropriate. While proposed strategies should align with our performance expectations of 1% excess returns (net) relative to the benchmark, we may consider buy-and-maintain submissions with alternative outperformance targets, given such strategies are not managed relative to benchmarks. We will not, however, consider quantitative approaches.

The deadline for receipt of tenders is 11am GMT on Monday 17 August 2020. Prospective managers should contact Brunel at to receive the briefing document and a submission template.”

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