CACEIS expands its cost transparency and benchmarking solution with London CIV

31 January 2022

CACEIS today announces that it has partnered with LGPS CIV LTD (‘London CIV’) to provide cost transparency and benchmarking services.

London CIV was, established in 2015 by London Local Authorities and manages London Local Government Pension Scheme (‘LGPS’) assets. The partnership with CACEIS enables it to access a comprehensive cost transparency and benchmarking (CT&B) solution encompassing leading technology alongside a deep focus on the quality control of data that’s driven by a dedicated team of hands-on cost transparency analysts.

CACEIS will be providing a comprehensive view on costs by pulling cost data into a portfolio level, sub-fund level, asset class level and sub-asset class level view, with benchmarking across all these levels. Comparable benchmarking and fund level comparisons will form a key part of value for money assessments.

CACEIS already provides CT&B services for Brunel Pension Partnership and recently joined the LGPS Framework for custody services in 2021. This reflects CACEIS’s deep commitment to the LGPS market, which includes a focus on delivering sustainable governance solutions to help the LGPS with the regulatory, economic and environmental pressures facing them. CACEIS launched the UK’s first pensions cost transparency and benchmarking solution in 2017 to provide pension schemes with insight into the total cost of ownership of managing their schemes. This covers all direct and indirect costs, including all administrative and investment costs.

Pat Sharman, Country Managing Director UK, CACEIS said “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with London CIV, delivering them quality and robust data on their costs. The LGPS are a key sector for CACEIS, and the London CIV are a high profile client for our growing business in the UK. We’ve invested in AI technology to make the process of collecting costs from asset managers as efficient as possible. Alongside this technology, we have a dedicated team of cost transparency analysts that validate and check the data, applying rigour to the quality of information we supply. “There is a great deal of work that goes into ensuring accurate and consistent cost data but we believe this supports good governance and allows clients to make more informed decisions leading to better outcomes for members.”

Jason Fletcher, London CIV’s Chief Investment Officer added: “London CIV is delighted to be working with CACEIS delivering Value for Money assessments for our clients.”

Source: London CIV
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