GLIL invests in M6TOLL as the new long-term partner alongside IFM Investors and Aleatica Group

24 January 2023

“We are delighted to form a partnership with IFM and Aleatica, two experienced infrastructure investors with proven sustainability credentials.”

GLIL has acquired an indirect 25% interest in the M6toll concessionaire from a subsidiary of the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM GIF), advised by IFM Investors (together with IFM GIF, IFM). IFM GIF has been invested in M6toll since 2017 and will continue to indirectly own 75%.

The M6toll is a 27 mile (43 kilometre), dual three-lane carriageway near Birmingham, UK, which functions as a congestion relief road for the toll-free M6, and nearby A5, A38, and A446 roads. IFM is in the process of integrating M6toll into the increasingly global transportation infrastructure portfolio of the Aleatica Group.

In recent years, a number of strategic initiatives have been undertaken to improve the road for the motorists who use it every day and have contributed to the M6toll being named Britain’s best motorway among heavy vehicle drivers. This includes the Road Ahead capital programme, which will see investments in digital technologies to maintain the road as a world class tolling system, enhance the user experience, and improve time efficiencies throughout the toll network.

The M6toll is committed to being a leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters and has already realised material reductions in carbon emissions, operational safety improvements, and meaningful community engagement, in alignment with Aleatica’s core strategic pillars.

Lee Belfield, investment lead at GLIL Infrastructure, said: “We are delighted to form a partnership with IFM and Aleatica, two experienced infrastructure investors with proven sustainability credentials. For GLIL Investors, the M6toll offers long-term, asset-backed cash flows and further diversifies the portfolio into road infrastructure, an essential part of UK economic growth.”

Joaquin Gago, Europe Regional Director at Aleatica, said: “We warmly welcome GLIL Infrastructure as our partner in this vital piece of UK infrastructure. As we seek to grow our portfolio of assets in Europe, we look forward to benefitting from the expertise of long-term infrastructure investors, such as IFM and GLIL, over the coming years as we support the extensive capital programme for M6toll to the benefit of all motorists.”

Source: GLIL
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