Jenny Rodgers hands over fund reins as she leaves M&G

20 December 2019

M&G publishes on its website:

“M&G today announces that Jenny Rodgers is to leave M&G after 28 years to pursue a career in academia. From 31st December 2019, Tristan Hanson will take over her role as manager of the £193 million M&G Charity Multi Asset Fund and Craig Simpson will join Eric Lonergan as co-manager of the £862 million M&G Episode Growth Fund.

Hanson joined M&G in 2016 and has managed M&G’s £169 million Global Target Return strategy since its launch in the same year. Hanson has deputised on the M&G Charity Multi Asset Fund since April 2018. Simpson, who heads up portfolio management for the multi asset team, has been with the business for 15 years, overseeing portfolio construction and trading for the team, as well as deputising on M&G’s Global Target Return strategy.

Dave Fishwick, Head of Multi Asset, M&G Investments, says: “I’d like to thank Jenny for her tremendous service to the business over the past 28 years, providing excellent returns for our customers and for being such a great mentor to team members past and present. We wish Jenny well as she pursues a new career path. “In Tristan and Craig, we have two managers who have demonstrated during their time in the financial markets that they are well placed to generate the returns our customers have come to expect.”

Jack Daniels, Chief Investment Officer of M&G plc, says: “Through her involvement in mentoring both inside and outside of our organisation, Jenny has been a role model for our industry. One of her passions has been to encourage young women, in particular, to continue studies in mathematics and economics and she has been an inspiration to many within the business who have, and continue to, follow in her footsteps. I would like to thank Jenny for her contribution on behalf of our customers who have benefited from her expertise.”

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