Kempen wins double fiduciary mandates for UK pension schemes

22 April 2020

KCM publishes on its website:

“Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has completed the transfer of two new fiduciary management mandates. Kempen is acting as fiduciary manager for both Pauls Malt Pension and Life Assurance Scheme, and separately for the National Centre for Social Research Retirement Benefits Scheme. Both pension schemes appointed Kempen’s fiduciary team following tendering processes at the end of 2019, representing some of the first to follow the latest recommended tendering as required by the CMA, from start to finish. Both schemes took the decision to move from the traditional investment consulting model to fiduciary management and appointed separate selection consultants to help guide them through the process.

Andre Keijsers, Managing Director at Kempen UK, comments: “We are proud that both pension schemes have selected us to carry out their fiduciary management, and look forward to delivering on this choice – always focusing on the best outcomes for scheme members. At Kempen we are acutely aware of the broader landscape of evolving UK pension schemes, and the deep responsibilities involved.” “Many pension schemes are navigating a volatile global financial world, in these turbulent times. Yet even a team of dedicated trustees will benefit to call on experts. We look forward to providing expert advice and fiduciary management to many more pension schemes in the UK, and supporting the best possible outcomes for their members across the country.”

Nicholas Clapp, Head of Business Development Fiduciary Management, comments: “We are delighted to have both new clients on board and have also been the successful fiduciary manager for two of the selection consultants involved.” “Just as the UK enters a new phase of transparency in the realm of selecting fiduciary managers, global events have underlined the importance for schemes of selecting truly impartial experts if they do not feel they have the capability themselves. We look forward to working with many more such pension schemes, as the ongoing effects of Covid-19 underline the dual importance of risk management and of independent, long-term thinking.”

Advisers involved in the appointments: Pauls Malt Pension and Life Assurance Scheme undertook a selection process supported by First Actuarial. National Centre for Social Research Retirement Benefits Scheme supported by IC Select.

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