Legal & General Reinsurance launches world’s first blockchain reinsurance platform

13 June 2019

Legal & General publishes on its website:

“Legal & General Group plc (“Legal & General”) today announces the launch of ‘estua-re’, the first pension risk transfer execution platform driven by blockchain technology.

‘estua-re’ is a transformative pillar of Legal & General’s global Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) reinsurance strategy as the Group aims to achieve its strategy of global leadership in annuities. It is a single ecosystem capable of driving every stage of the PRT reinsurance value chain including pricing, claims handling, financial reporting and collateral, utilising data dynamically stored on the blockchain. It will replace multiple processes and systems traditionally used to support each function, with the added security of blockchain technology.

The Legal & General Reinsurance team developed ‘estua-re’ using Amazon Web Services (AWS), chosen due to their innovative products and services for blockchain technology.

Amazon Web Services provides Amazon Managed Blockchain, which allowed Legal & General to quickly set up and easily manage their Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network. With Amazon Managed Blockchain, multiple parties can transact with each other without needing an intermediary. All members maintain a copy of the ledger database, providing greater transparency. Also, manual reconciliation can be replaced with smart contracts, making the process much more efficient.”

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