LGPS Central: New Roles Announced Nadeem Hussain and mark Davies

1 February 2024

LGPS Central publishes on its website:

We are pleased to announce two new appointments to further bolster our investment management team. The changes were both internal appointments following a rigorous interview process. Leveraging their diverse skillsets and extensive career backgrounds, the appointees are well-positioned to provide continuous assistance to Chief Investment Officer Gordon Ross and contribute to shaping the UK Pension Pool’s long-term product strategy.

On his new role, Nadeem said, ‘I’m excited to have opportunity to lead our Private Markets team during this time of strong growth across Private Market investments. I look forward to working closely with our Partner Funds to meet their needs, develop their portfolios and achieve cost savings without compromising on delivering superior investment performance’.

On his new role, Mark said, ‘I am delighted to have been appointed as Head of Public Markets at this important juncture in UK Pooling. I’m looking forward to harnessing our strong roots with Partner Funds to generate further cost savings whilst remaining focused on delivering the investment returns required by our Partner Funds and their LGPS scheme members’.

Source: LGPS Central
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