M&G Launches Multi Asset Sustainable Allocation Fund

26 February 2019

M&G publishes on its website:

“M&G Investments, one of the leading international asset managers, announces today the launch of a UK-domiciled multi-asset fund incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and investing in companies that aim to have a positive societal impact, whilst providing sustainable investments returns.

The M&G Sustainable Allocation Fund is managed by Maria Municchi and supported by deputy fund manager Steven Andrew.

The fund invests in a diversified range of asset classes from anywhere in the world including emerging markets (net allocation ranges: 20-80% in fixed income, 20-60% in equities and 0-20% in other assets) and will apply M&G’s well established Multi Asset philosophy, using dynamic asset allocation and a tactical assessment of behavioural factors to identify those assets that present the most attractive opportunities aiming to provide a total return* of 4 to 8% per annum over any five-year period. Asset allocation is the main driver of returns in the fund.

As part of M&G’s Positive Impact team, Municchi will work with colleagues from across the business to identify a watchlist of potential impact investments. The impact assets may be from all listed asset classes including equities, green and social bonds, infrastructure or specialty funds.

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