M&G raises €440 million for 18-months fixed maturity fund

15 November 2023

M&G Investments announces that the M&G (Lux) Fixed Maturity Bond Fund 2 raised €440 million in the six week subscription period from European investors seeking the firm’s industry leading Public Fixed Income expertise .

The fund, launched on 7th November by M&G’s €126 billion Public Fixed Income team, is designed to capture one of the most compelling opportunities presented in credit markets in the past decade. This is a well-diversified short dated bond strategy with predefined maturity aiming at locking in compelling yield levels against a backdrop of inverted government curves, investing mainly in EUR-denominated investment grade corporate bonds.

Neal Brooks, Global Head of Product and Distribution at M&G, commented: “The success of this strategy demonstrates our ability to respond to a market opportunity for the benefit of our clients in a timely manner. This strategy captures attractive yields available in credit markets without having to stretch to long maturities and we saw particularly strong demand from our clients in Italy and Spain. M&G’s long track record in active credit management and our strong research capabilities – one of the largest and most experienced credit analyst teams in Europe – have been key to this success.”

Source: M&G
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