Nest partners with RepRisk and Sustainalytics

19 June 2019

Nest publishes on its website:

“Nest can today announce it will be working with RepRisk and Sustainalytics to build upon its ability to invest responsibly and further integrate Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) factors into its investment strategy.

The new providers will make available to Nest live databases of high quality, timely ESG data, allowing the pension scheme to spot any risks that may be emerging and screen out certain assets. This data will also automatically monitor news so that anything affecting a company’s reputation is quickly brought to light and informs engagement and voting decisions.

The databases will be fully integrated into Nest’s investment decision process. This will allow the pension scheme to consider the investment risks and opportunities associated with ESG factors to provide a more holistic view of companies, alongside the more traditional investment risk factors.”

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