Plumbing Pensions: Two new Trustees

26 November 2020

Plumbing Pensions publishes on its website: Today we welcome two new Directors to the Trustee Board – Garry Forster and Rudi Klein. Garry and Rudi have been nominated by the Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers Federation (SNIPEF) but their role as Directors is to set aside all other interests and act in the best interests of all members of the Plumbing Scheme.

Garry Forster

Garry is an Accredited member of the Association of Professional Pension Trustees, has a law degree, is a Fellow of the ICSA (The Chartered Governance Institute) and is a management consultant with experience in the construction, property, facilities management and other sectors. Garry was previously a Director and spokesperson for the Plumbing Employers Action Group (PEAG), but stepped down from this role before joining the Trustee Board.

Rudi Klein

Rudi is a practising barrister, lecturer and CEO of the Specialist Engineering Contractors (SEC) Group. Rudi is a well-known figure in the construction industry and has 25 years’ experience as a trustee for another pension scheme.

Given Rudi and Garry’s professional background and training, they will bring valuable skills, experience and insight to the Trustee Board.

Trustee Chairman Jon Bridger says “I am delighted to welcome Garry and Rudi to the Board and I look forward to working with them”.

Source: Plumbing Pensions
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