TPR strike action suspended

14 March 2024

The Pensions Regulator publishes on its website:

We are pleased to announce that the strike action brought by PCS members at TPR has been suspended and staff are back to work today.

This has been a difficult time for our people over the last few months and this breakthrough is an opportunity for all of us to come together to protect, enhance and innovate in savers’ interests.

The suspension of strike action follows extensive close engagement and many productive conversations. PCS and TPR have agreed to work together on the forthcoming 2024/25 pay remit.

  • TPR is committed to securing the funding for the full percentage pay increase to the overall pay pot proposed by the 2024/25 Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance. We are already engaging with DWP on our pay strategy for the year ahead. Further, TPR is committed to submitting a pay flexibility case for the Pay Remit Guidance year 2024/25. TPR will work with the PCS Union on the principles of a pay flexibility case assessing all of the options available. This is subject to such a submission being allowed under the rules of next year’s pay flexibility guidance and following receipt of the Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance. It will be informed by the findings of our independent review of pay bands and bonus review.
  • TPR and PCS will engage in meaningful consultation, on matters relating to TPR’s employee value proposition, including reward, annual leave entitlement and the pay and terms and conditions of staff TUPE transferred to TPR.

These discussions will take place very soon and meetings have already been scheduled to take these forward.

TPR welcomes the suspension of this strike action and looks forward to all its valued colleagues returning to work and helping us deliver for pension savers.

Source: The Pensions Regulator
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