Exelerating expands Dutch APF database with information about external investment managers

25 oktober 2022

In close cooperation with our users we are expanding our database about the Dutch pension fund market with information about mandates of external investment managers of APF’s. With this expansion, more than 26 billion euro in invested pension assets have been made more transparent. This information is now available in the factsheets of the Dutch general pension funds (APF).

What is included?

  • Mandates: description of the investment management mandate and corresponding external investment manager
  • Size: size of the mandate in EUR mln
  • On all levels: breakdown of investment management mandates on APF and on APF-ring level

How does it look?

Please see below an example of the information about mandates of external investment managers of a Dutch APF. Click here to go to our Dutch APF module in the Exelerating environment to explore the data further. If you have any questions about the update, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Multiple reports with cicle diagram and text

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