Alert Danica Pension: Danica Pension delivers new sustainable pension solution

5 October 2020

From today, Danica Pensions can approx. 800,000 customers invest with a strengthened focus on sustainability in Danica Balance Sustainable Choice. The new investment solution selects investments that actively contribute to making a difference to, for example, climate, environment, health, food production or other social conditions and which thus support the UN’s global goals. Customers can choose for themselves what percentage of their pension savings they want to have invested with a particularly sustainable focus.

In recent years, Danica Pension has increased its focus on investing sustainably in the company’s general portfolio. Among other things, investments in the green transition in 2020 alone have more than doubled and now amount to more than DKK 20 billion. DKK and is thus well on its way to fulfilling the ambition of investing DKK 100 billion. DKK in the green transition in 2030. As another example, Danica Pension no longer invests in tobacco. Now follows a completely new investment solution called Danica Balance Sustainable Choice, which goes on the air today.

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