Danica Pension pushes the world’s largest banks to stop new fossil energy loans

1 May 2022

Danica Pension pubslishes on its website: “These weeks, we are going against a number of the world’s largest banks to get them to stop funding new fossil energy projects. At the same time, it marks the start of our targeted pressure on the banking sector, which should make them set CO2 reduction targets and accelerate the green transition.

We are now putting further pressure on banks to contribute to the green transition. These include Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Credit Swiss. At their general meetings right now, we are supporting proposals to get them to stop funding new gas, coal or oil projects. Specifically, the proposal means that they must adjust their lending so that they follow the climate plan of the International Energy Agency and contribute to meeting the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.”

Source: Danica Pension
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