Director of asset management LV on the board of IcelandSIF

29 August 2022

The association is a forum for enhancing investors’ knowledge of the methodology of sustainable and responsible investments. LV was a founding member of IcelandSIF 2017 and Jóhann Guðmundsson, an expert in asset management at LV, was then elected as a board member.

As a sign of increased interest and cooperation in this field, there are now 40 members of the organization, compared to 23 at the beginning.

Arne Vagn Olsen, director of asset management at LV

“Sustainability is, in LV’s opinion, a key factor in the return of funds in the long term. LV wants to contribute to promoting the discussion about sustainability in Iceland, and IcelandSIF has been an active participant in that field for years. It is something to look forward to sitting on the company’s board and working continue the good work that has been done there since the foundation”.

Source: LV
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