NES TECH delivers new IT system to Lægernes Pension

1 April 2022

Lægernes Pension has chosen the software company NES TECH as a supplier of a new IT system, which will accommodate both current pension solutions and constitute a future-proof platform for new pension solutions. With investments of around DKK 100 million, NES TECH’s IT platform, Polaris, will ensure doctors a greater degree of freedom of choice, a better overview of their own pension and more opportunities for self-service.

“Lægernes Pension also wants to be able to offer doctors good pension solutions in the future. With the new investments, we will ensure user-friendly pension solutions characterized by freedom of choice, an overview and a wide range of self-service options, ”says Chresten Dengsøe, CEO of Lægernes Pension.

The choice of NES TECH’s IT platform, Polaris, is based on a process in which four possible suppliers have submitted tenders with different solution models. Instead of basing itself on a traditional requirements specification, solution proposals should be based on Lægernes Pensions’ desire to develop an IT system that will provide an experience of good service and be a strong offer to the pension fund’s 50,000 members.

“The form of offer was unusual, but suited us perfectly, because our software is a standard system for pension companies, which – positively meant – are conservative. They must be, too, because they are responsible for many people’s pensions, which means that companies make high quality demands. This applies both to the choice of system and to collaboration in a project, and to how new solutions are developed. Therefore, we are naturally pleased with the trust that Lægernes Pension has expressed by choosing NES TECH, ”says CEO Alfred Joensen, who founded NES TECH in 2007.

The purpose of the atypical tender process was, among other things, that potential suppliers could utilize existing experience and solutions to ensure a user-friendly and modern solution for both members and employees of Lægernes Pension.

Source: Lægernes Pension
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