Pension Fund of Rangá District: Annual meeting 2024 – change in the board

The annual meeting of the Rangæing Pension Fund was held on May 14 last. at Hotel Stracta in Hella. The meeting went well and the attendance was good.

There was a change in the board of the fund that Heimir Hafsteinsson now retired from the board of the fund. Special thanks are given to him for his work for the benefit of the fund and fund members for a long time now. In place of Heimi, Hilmar Harðarson was elected as a new representative from the Association of Industrial and Technical Industries (FIT).

The main board of Rangæinga Pension Fund is now composed as follows:

  • Guðmundur Svavarsson, chairman of the board
  • Ólafía B. Ásbjörnsdóttir, vice-chairman and secretary
  • Margrét Jóna Ísólfsdóttir, co-director
  • Hilmar Harðarson, co-director

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