Birta Pension Fund | Pálmar Óli takes over the chairmanship of the board again

5 May 2023

The newly elected board of Birta shared their work after the pension fund’s annual meeting yesterday. May 3rd. Pálmar Óli Magnússon, CEO of Daga hf., is chairman of the board and Örvar Þór Kristjánsson, purchasing manager at Marel ehf., is vice chairman. Pálmar Óli sits on the board of the fund on behalf of employers and Örvar Þór on behalf of employees. The outgoing chairman of the board is Hrönn Jónsdóttir, but she remains on the board of the fund.

Two new principals were elected to Birta’s board on behalf of the employees, Jakob Tryggvason, chairman of the Technical Workers’ Association and treasurer of the Icelandic Electrical Industry Association, and J. Snæfríður Einarsdóttir, crew chief at Eimskip. Jakob was previously on the board of Stafa pension fund, later Birta, and takes a seat on the board again after a three-year break. The board members who sit on the fund’s board on behalf of the Swedish Confederation of Business were re-elected.

Birta’s main board of employees consists of Hrönn Jónsdóttir, Örvar Þór Kristjánsson, J. Snæfríður Einarsdóttir and Jakob Tryggvason.

Birta’s central board on behalf of the Norwegian Confederation of Business is comprised of Pálmar Óli Magnússon, Þóra Eggertsdóttir, Sigurður R. Ragnarsson and Álfheiður Ágústsdóttir.

Garðar Garðarsson, who takes a seat on the deputy board again, and Bára Laxdal Halldórsdóttir sit in the deputy board from the workers’ side.

Guðbjörg Guðmundsdóttir and Bolli Árnason sit on the deputy board of the Norwegian Confederation of Business.

Guðrún Elfa Hjörleifsdóttir and Hilmar Harðarsson said goodbye to Birta’s board and were released with flowers and thanks at the end of the annual meeting.

Source: Birta Pension Fund
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