PKA is investing in a new fund to ensure a better life for vulnerable citizens

2 July 2021

A new fund with, among others, PKA behind it will help the mentally vulnerable in jobs, develop the language of vulnerable children, reduce sick leave among public employees and ensure that more young people pass the 9th grade final exam.

The Social Capital Fund is behind the fund. In addition to PKA, investors include Vækstfonden, Arbejdernes Landsbank and SI Safe.

The fund is currently worth DKK 80 million, and it is Scandinavia’s first private fund for social impact investments. The fund aims to improve the quality of life for 3,000 vulnerable Danes while at the same time ensuring investors a return of 5-7%.

Jon Johnsen, CEO of PKA, is pleased to be able to combine a sensible investment with the strong values ​​that characterize PKA and the members of the pension fund.

“Our members work every day to show care for the Danes in the health sector and in the social area. Therefore, it makes very good sense for us to enter new investment areas, where we can both create a good return for the members and at the same time raise welfare and improve the quality of life for a large number of Danes. The investment and collaboration with the Social Capital Fund gives us important experiences, so that we can become even better at finding and developing good investment opportunities that support the social area, ”says Jon Johnsen.

Source: PKA
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