PKA reports ready to invest in new offshore wind projects in the North Sea

19 May 2022

PKA director Jon Johnsen praises Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and a number of European heads of state’s goal of doubling the expansion of offshore wind in the North Sea. PKA is ready to invest large billions in new green energy projects.

In preparation for today’s European energy summit in Esbjerg, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, together with colleagues from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, has announced a new goal of significantly increasing the number of new offshore wind projects in the North Sea.

In total, the expansion of offshore wind must increase tenfold to at least 150 gigawatts by 2050.

It requires investments of more than DKK 1,000 billion, and a large part of the new offshore wind can be financed by Danish pension money. This is how it sounds from PKA’s CEO Jon Johnsen, who is ready to shoot billions in new green energy projects.

“We have extensive experience in investing in offshore wind, and we have for a long time been ready with money for even more green energy. But we lack concrete projects to invest in. Therefore, it is positive that the government with today’s announcement gives further impetus to new European offshore wind projects, ”says Jon Johnsen.

In addition to the 2050 goal, the four countries have set an independent goal of having developed 65 gigawatts of offshore wind already in 2030. Therefore, Jon Johnsen calls for an action plan to be presented as soon as possible to make the political ambitions a reality, so that both developers and investors can bid on.

“It must be quickly put into action if we are to reach the goal of the 65 gigawatts already in 2030. The sooner we can realize the projects, the faster we can ensure Europe’s energy security of supply and take the next steps in the development of green technologies such as Power. to X, ”says Jon Johnsen.

PKA has invested in offshore wind since 2011, when the pension fund raised a billion in the offshore wind farm Anholt, which until 2019 was Denmark’s largest. Since then, PKA has invested in another five major European offshore wind farms.

The pension fund has today invested more than 35 billion in green projects such as sustainable energy production, energy storage and battery development. PKA aims to round out DKK 50 billion in green investments by 2025.

Source: PKA
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