PKA will cut almost a third of the CO2 footprint from investments up to 2025

22 December 2021

In a few years, PKA’s investments will have a significantly smaller impact on the climate than today. Exactly, the pension fund will lower the CO2 footprint from investments by 29% by 2025.

With the new goal, PKA is taking some of the first steps towards making all the pension fund’s investments CO2-neutral by 2050.

PKA’s CEO, Jon Johnsen, sees the goal as a natural extension of the pension fund’s many years of work in the sustainable area.

“We believe that a reduction of 29% in 2025 is both an ambitious and realistic goal. This will significantly reduce the impact our investments have on the climate, and it will continue to give us the opportunity to invest sensibly and deliver the best possible return on members’ pensions, ”says Jon Johnsen.

Source: PKA
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