Þorbjörn Sigurðsson has been appointed risk manager of Lífsverk pension fund

30 April 2024

Lífsverk pension fund publishes on its website:

Þorbjörn Sigurðsson has been hired as Lífsverk’s risk manager and has already started work.

Þorbjörn has a lot of experience in the world of risk management. For the last six years, he has worked at Vátyringagafélagi Íslands hf. as an expert in risk management. Previously, he worked in Landsbankin’s risk management for 8 years assessing credit risk and capital requirements, and before that he worked for a while in the risk management of Landsbankin’s resolution committee.

Þorbjörn completed his B.Sc. studies in industrial engineering from the University of Iceland and pursued an M.Sc. study in financial engineering at the same school as well as having completed a degree in securities trading.

It can also be mentioned that Þorbjörn is very active in the music life of the country and has appeared in many places on that stage.

“Joining Lífsverk pension fund is an exciting challenge. I look forward to taking on a challenging project as a risk manager and putting my weight on the scales,” says Þorbjörn.

ífsverk’s staff welcomes Þorbjörn to work.

Source: Lífsverk pension fund
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