Varma joins world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative Global Compact

8 October 2021

Varma has joined the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

The Global Compact promotes and develops the environmental, social and economic sustainability of companies and organisations.

“In line with the Global Compact, we are continuing our work to promote human rights, environmentally friendly business and anti-corruption, among other things, and we report to the UN annually on our progress in these areas,” says Varma’s Communications and Sustainability Manager, Katariina Sillander.

Varma also requires that its investee companies operate in compliance with the principles of the Global Compact.

The current focus of Varma’s sustainability work is on, among other things, assessing respect for human rights, mitigating climate change and taking biodiversity into account.

“We are also updating our Sustainability Programme, which will help us focus our sustainability efforts in the coming years,” says Sillander.

Source: Varma
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