Birta’s Investment Policy 2022

5 January 2022

Birta’s investment policy for the year 2022 is now available on the fund’s website

Birta’s investment policy for the year 2022 was approved by the fund’s board on 25 November. and entered into force on 1 December last. This is the policy of the mutual insurance department, the private property department and the department regarding specified private assets. The investment policy is intended for the long term, but it is nevertheless reviewed annually by Birta’s board, taking into account market conditions and the main changes in the fund’s environment.

The main changes in the policy of the mutual insurance department between years include a reduction in the ratio of government bonds and the ratio of mortgage-backed bonds. This decrease is offset by an increase in the proportion of foreign equities, deposits and specialized investments. The latter asset class includes domestic and foreign venture capital investments. Minor changes were also made to the margin of error of the individual asset classes of the policy. Objectives of other asset classes of the policy, ie. bonds of municipalities, credit institutions and companies are unchanged from the previous year. The target for domestic equities in the policy is also unchanged between years, or 13.5%.

The investment policy of the specified private asset is unchanged between years.

Investment policies of the two return options of the traditional private pension, i.e. the deposit option and the bond option are unchanged between years, with the exception of a minor change in the margin of error of individual asset classes in the latter return option. In the mixed approach, however, the weight of mortgage-backed bonds was reduced against an increase in the proportion of foreign equities.

Source: Birta
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